My main interest today is to contribute to projects and studies, at any scale, aimed at improving building and places and enhancing sustainable development and better quality of life for all people.

That includes design proposals, research, investigations, guidelines, or simply… advices on alternatives for adapting building and places to people’s needs, while making them more sustainable. There are no standard answers.

Every project aims at finding the best solutions with minimal environmental impact, while considering issues of: energy efficiency, water saving and sewage systems, household waste and recycling. Also key to any proposal are materials used, biological diversity and microclimate, people’s health, comfort and security. An apposite design team with technical consultants and local experts is shaped for each case.

Other interesting issues concern: design in neighbourhoods of cultural historical interest, design and renovation processes with attention to social matters, and enhancing public policy as to environmental and education strategies.

Research, planning and architectural projects, graphic design and communication projects have been carried on dealing with different themes. Some examples are referred in the next pages.